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We work with businesses and individuals to help them with their management
training and executive development needs through a wide range of fully and
partly funded management training courses, management Apprenticeships
and executive coaching.

What we do

We help businesses and individuals close the gap between their performance & potential through a wide range of funded leadership & management development.

Executive Coaching

The terms executive coaching and business coaching are largely misunderstood in the UK. Many people say they are executive coaches or business coaches, only to offer mentoring, training or only one approach to coaching which has given it a bad name. We feel that one type of coaching does not 'fit all', so we have mastered four different approaches to coaching to ensure success.

Solution Focused Coaching

Suggesting and supporting or helping the coachee with options and positive feedback. The coach attempts to send the coachee off on a more positive, constructive train of thought and to help with suggestions for the future.

Person-Centred Coaching

Supporting and exploring or facilitating the coachee with encouragement and understanding. The coach attempts to explore the issue together with the coachee and contributes warmth and understanding to the conversation.

Analytic and Organisational Coaching

Exploring and confronting or facilitating the coachee at a greater distance. The coach attempts to look at what the coachee is leaving out and cannot appreciate personally, thus contributing understanding and objectivity to the conversation.

Directive Coaching and GROW

Suggesting and confronting or helping the coachee with suggestions and instructions. The coach attempts to offer the coachee a new framework or approach to the problems being considered and contributes ideas and recommendations to the conversation.

Our executive coaching process.

All our executive coaching courses begin with an initial meeting with the sponsor to agree the expectations from the organisation for the programme. Following this meeting, we hold an introductory meeting with the individual to be coached in order to -

  • Explain the process and possibilities
  • Establish the individual's initial objectives
  • Allow the client to experience the coach's style and approach first hand
  • Act a chemistry check with the executive coach

Session 1
In our first executive coaching session we aim to -

  • Gain an understanding of the client's goals and motivations
  • Refine the objectives for the programme and draw up a coaching contract
  • Agree any additional information required that would assist in meeting the objectives, including psychometric profiling

Session 2
In our second executive coaching session we aim to -

  • Review additional information and psychometric profiling identified in session 1
  • Build an action plan for meeting the objectives
  • Identify short-term wins

Session 3 onwards -
Session 3 onwards is aimed at putting the learning into practice, tracking success, reviewing the action plan, deciding what's worked and what hasn't and drawing conclusions for the future. We respond to individual's needs and learning styles, interventions include some or all of the following -

  • Raising self-awareness
  • Discussing and overcoming challenges
  • Planning for events
  • Expanding understanding
  • Brain-storming
  • Committing to action

Final Session -
The final session is focused on reviewing the client's progress and planning for future sustainability, we aim to -

  • Review against initial objectives
  • Give transactional feedback, as agreed up front
  • Plan actions for sustainability
  • Identifying ongoing support where appropriate

Executive coaching courses are confidential, tailored development programmes delivered when and where you want, and for how long you want.

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