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We work with businesses and individuals to help them with their management training and executive development needs through a wide range of fully and partly funded management training courses, management qualifications and executive coaching.

What we do

We help businesses and individuals close the gap between their performance & potential through a wide range of funded leadership & management development.


Our Leadership and Management Qualifications are designed to accelerate the performance of your business, improving your bottom line results. Our leadership and management trainers have gained experience from across the globe in a wealth of industries and are some of the very best in the UK. This experience enables us to create management training and leadership and management qualifications that benefit from best practice around the world, not just theory which can be difficult to apply in the workplace.

Senior Management/Director - Leadership and Management Qualifications

Middle Management- Leadership and Management Qualifications

First Line Management- Leadership and Management Qualifications

Team Leading- Leadership and Management Qualifications

Leadership and Management Qualifications available as bespoke programmes tailored to your organisation's needs

We are able to create bespoke leadership and management training leading to a wide range of leadership and management qualifications to meet your precise needs. One of our senior trainers will be happy to meet with you to uncover the real challenges you are facing and develop a tailored solution.

Why t2 for your management qualifications?

  • Our management qualifications are consistently rated 9.7 out of 10 by delegates
  • When we ask clients if they would use us again, 100% say yes for management qualifications
  • We offer full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any of our management qualifications
  • We will tailor our management qualifications to meet the needs of your business at no extra cost
  • We are able to offer support calculating the ROI and impact of our management qualifications at no extra cost
  • We offer all individuals undertaking management qualifications 12 months on-going support as part of their development

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