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We work with businesses and individuals to help them with their management
training and executive development needs through a wide range of fully and
partly funded management training courses, management apprenticeships
and executive coaching.

What we do

We help businesses and individuals close the gap between their performance & potential through a wide range of funded leadership & management development.

ILM Level 3 Award in Management

The role of the first line manager is arguably one of the most important tasks in any organisation or business. Gaining the commitment of front line staff, meeting the needs of customers and middle /senior managers at the same time is pivotal if the organisation or business is to achieve success.

Delivered over 4 days this management qualification is specifically designed to give practising or aspiring first line managers a solid foundation in their formal development as a leader.

Programme Content

Workshop 1

Introduction to Leadership and Management
This one day workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to develop and enhance existing knowledge and understanding of the characteristics and behaviours of effective leadership and management. Participants will focus on identifying the principles that aid effective leadership and management and understand how these can be translated to their businesses.

Workshop 2

Building the Team
Trust is the essential precondition upon which team success depends. It underlies the quality of every relationship, every communication and every business venture, without it, nothing can be built or maintained. This one day workshop addresses the importance of maintaining trust and confidentiality in a team building context; it will also explore how effective teams are formed and the advantages of understanding team roles as defined by Dr Meredith Belbin.

Workshop 3

Solving problems and decision making
Managers at all levels will tell you they spend much of their day solving problems and making decisions. Many of them define their effectiveness based upon their ability to solve problems, however very few have ever received formal training. This one day workshop will provide participants with rational and creative thinking processes to create a comprehensive approach to problem solving, decision making and planning.

Workshop 4

Motivate and coach your team
The motivation of others is a highly valuable skill which once learned and applied can have a huge impact on the performance not just of the team but the business too. This one day workshop will provide participants with the tools, techniques and frameworks to be able to motivate team members and raise their performance on an even more consistent basis. The workshop will also explore the basic skills required to coach effectively and to apply coaching techniques to your team to improve their attitude, behaviour and results.


Assessment will be through work-based assignments to demonstrate achievement of learning outcomes. You will also be required to complete a reflective review to demonstrate application in the workplace.


Delivery is usually over 4 days at a time and place convenient to you. For more information call today and one of our Account Managers will be happy to discuss the course in more detail.

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