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We work with businesses and individuals to help them with their management
training and executive development needs through a wide range of fully and
partly funded management training courses, management apprenticeships
and executive coaching.

What we do

We help businesses and individuals close the gap between their performance & potential through a wide range of funded leadership & management development.

NVQ Diplomas in Management are management qualifications that prove your capability to carry out your job. The training is predominantly at your place of employment and the training and assessment is carried out in relation to your abilities on the job.

The OCR Level 5 Diploma in Management is recognised throughout the UK and is designed by employers to meet the needs of the modern business. You customise your own Management Training Programmes, enabling you to zero in and cultivate the management skills that you use most.

The outline of the management training course will help you choose what to learn, depending on the management skills you need to do your job more competently. You can cover everything from developing operational plans, planning and implementing change and reviewing business processes to risk management and developing a customer focused organisation.

An NVQ Diploma in Management enables you to demonstrate to your current employer and/or future employer that you have attained a nationally recognised benchmark in management.

The Management Training Programmes enables you to rapidly and easily fill any skills gaps you have while you are working in your place of employment.

To achieve a Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management, you will complete a minimum of 7 units comprising of four mandatory and a minimum of three optional units:


Group One - Mandatory Units

  • B1 Develop and evaluate operational plans for own area of responsibility
  • B6 Provide leadership and direction for own area of responsibility
  • C5 Plan change in own area of responsibility
  • D2b Work productively with colleagues and stakeholders

Group Two - Optional Units

  • B10a Establish risk management processes for an organisation
  • B12 Promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion across an organisation
  • D3b Examine staff turnover issues in own area of responsibility
  • D17 Developing collaborative relationships with other organisations
  • E4 Promote the use of technology within an organisation
  • E7 Manage health and safety across an organisation
  • F3b Monitor and review business processes
  • F10 Develop a customer-focused organisation
  • F15 Conduct a quality audit
  • F16 Manage product development and marketing
  • A3 Develop, maintain and review personal networks
  • B8b Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements
  • B10b Manage risk in own area of responsibility
  • B10c Review risk management processes in own area of responsibility
  • C6 Implement change in own area of responsibility
  • D2a Develop working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders
  • D3a Recruit staff in own area of responsibility
  • D6 Plan, allocate and monitor work in own area of responsibility
  • D7 Support learning and development within own area of responsibility
  • D8 Address performance problems affecting team members
  • D9 Build, support and manage a team
  • D13 Support individuals to develop and take responsibility for their performance
  • D14 Know how to follow disciplinary procedures
  • D15 Managing grievance procedures
  • D16 Support the management of redundancies in own area of responsibility
  • E6a Implement, monitor and review health and safety policy in own area of responsibility
  • E8 Manage physical resources
  • E9 Manage the environmental impact of work activities
  • E16 Managing a tendering process
  • F1 Plan and manage a project
  • F4 Develop and implement marketing plans
  • F9 Analyse the market in which your organisation operates
  • F11 Manage the achievement of customer satisfaction
  • F14 Prepare for and support quality audits
  • B2 Inform strategic decision-making
  • B9 Understand the culture of an organisation
  • C3 Lead innovation within an organisation
  • E1 Manage a budget for own or activity of work
  • E17 Outsource organisational processes
  • F2 Manage a programme of complementary projects


One of our Personal Development Managers will visit the candidate at their workplace, at least once a month for a minimum of one hour. Targets will be agreed for you to complete work between each training and assessment visit.

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