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We work with businesses and individuals to help them with their management
training and executive development needs through a wide range of fully and
partly funded management training courses, management Apprenticeships
and executive coaching.

What we do

We help businesses and individuals close the gap between their performance & potential through a wide range of funded leadership & management development.

Time Management for Managers - Short Leadership and Management Training Course

Duration 1 day

Designed for middle managers; this one day workshop will identify strategies for effective time and resource management while recognising the special context in which middle managers have to work.

Programme Content

  • Analysing your current situation
  • Prioritising the demands which are made of you
  • Developing effective time management skills
  • Gaining control of your workload
  • Improving delegation skills
  • Maximising your strengths and minimising your weaknesses
  • Managing stress, reducing crises and handling difficult colleagues

*This Time Management for Managers - Leadership and Management Training Course can be tailored to your precise needs at no extra cost and delivered on a one to one basis through executive coaching.

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