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Wales and the Welsh Culture

The Welsh Language section of this site is a resource for those both internal and external to t2.

Wales and the Welsh Culture Aims and Objectives

t2 is committed to promoting Wales, the Welsh Language and the Welsh culture to all staff, employers and learners.

Our aim is to continue to analyse all feedback and enrolment data to ensure we are meeting the needs of Welsh speaking Employers and Learners. We will also continue to work closely with our partners to identify ways in which we can improve Welsh Provision.

t2’s objective is to respond positively to those Employers and Learners who wish to conduct their business through the medium of Welsh and we remain committed to this in the following ways:-

  • Ongoing development of Welsh Language resources to give Learners the opportunity to complete their learning programmes through the medium of Welsh
  • Recognising and understanding the needs of Bilingual Learners and Employers
  • Raising awareness of Wales, the Welsh Language and the Welsh Culture through all interactions
  • Recruitment of Welsh speaking staff
  • A clearly expressed Welsh Language policy

Welsh Language Policy

Our Welsh Language policy is reviewed and updated annually to align with current priorities, with the aim of raising awareness of Wales, the Welsh Language and the Welsh culture within t2.

Download a copy of our Welsh Language policy

How is the policy implemented?

t2 will develop and implement the policy as appropriate by:

  • Continuing to assist members of staff to support Learners and Employers who choose to conduct their business with us in Welsh
  • Working in partnership with learners and employers who wish to improve their awareness of Wales, the Welsh Language and the Welsh culture
  • Working with learners and employers through the medium of the Welsh where they have expressed a wish to do so
  • Promoting and developing the Welsh Policy to ensure that it continues to align with current priorities
  • To review the effectiveness of the Welsh language policy annually

Want to know more about Wales and its Culture?

Did you know that the number of Welsh speakers in Wales has decreased by 27,000 since the 2001 census?

Source: 2011 census data.

For other interesting information please click here to download more facts relating to Wales and the Welsh culture.

Click here to view the Welsh National Anthem

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